Inuk Home, is an online store of decoration and lifestyle in which we bet by the natural materials and the current design. We believe in the union of the new designers, the craft products and the functionality of the Nordic design.

In Inuk Home you can find Mediterranean and Nordic air products with a modern style. Products of simple lines, crafts and design, which show how we see life, creating houses full of positivity and beautiful design. Our designs, with pastel palettes and pure lines, will give that special touch to your home making it unique.

We seek that you enjoy your home, the small things of life. We bet on the functionality of the Nordic design, materials and spaces, with Mediterranean warmth, with small winks towards fabrics and textures.

Our philosophy is based on optimizing spaces and resources, saving energy. We work to achieve diaphanous and light distributions. Spaces that offer quality of life while respecting nature. We rely on artisanal production to minimize the ecological footprint. We bet for the creation of products in which the beauty lingers and you can use them in several spaces.

Wood is an essential part of our work, convinced of its warmth. We design current homes, with their own style, always respecting the environment. Simplicity and functionality integrate our projects.

At Inuk Home we are interior designers and passionate about decoration. We are a team of outstanding professionals at all times of the trend changes in the world of decoration, constantly renewed and updated in design trends. We attend national and international fairs of decoration, design and art, always looking for the perfect balance between design, quality, comfort and price.

Because your home is that place you always return to. That space that is completely yours, where you can be yourself and where to relax after a long day.

Let yourself be carried away by the "PLEASURE OF LIVING YOUR HOME".


The Pleasure of Living Your Home

Fell in love.
Listen to the rain fall ...
Walking barefoot around the house.
Fresh air from newly opened windows in the mornings.
An unexpected hug
Find a corner of your house for a good read, take a tea, and enjoy that moment of tranquility.
Light candles ... enjoy the silence.
Contemplate the sea.
Laugh until it hurts.
A warm bath that relaxes your senses.
Put incense, rest.
Brand new clean sheets in a freshly made bed
Prepare a nice table for a dinner with friends, enjoy the conversation.
Put on music and sing until you miss the air.
Wrap a gift with pampering.
Travel and contemplate the landscape.
Water the plants, change them.

There are days when we forget to enjoy all this, but life is full of beautiful details.

Enjoy every second of your home, enjoy the beautiful side of Life ...